GPS Tracking of Employees

GPS Tracking of Employees

Mobile phones pose a difficult situation for Sales Managers. Though it has become very easy for the sales team to communicate, at the same time, the sales team may not report correctly.

This reduces performance and overall cost of sales increases. For example, a sales person who completed his meeting at 2 pm may actually report at 5 pm. Since the reporting is primary over a phone call, sales managers have found it very difficult to ascertain the timings and performance of a sales person.

Thus the sales managers have to resort to being target focussed only. For a new sales person, there is a certain ramp up period of initial few months. In certain industries where sales cycle are of a few months’, it takes time for a new person to land a customer. Having a target focussed manager breathing down your neck actually may not help. At the same time, the sales manager should have faith in his new team. The problem is acute in field sales where a lot of sales people tend to plan their visits as per their personal convenience.

Some sales managers require that their team report immediately after the customer visit has been completed. But it becomes difficult for sales persons to open their laptops on the road side or locate a coffee shop to do so.

There are a few things that a sales manager can ask his new recruit to do to ascertain if he has actually visited the customer:-

1. Ask the sales person to get the customer on a phone call and take feedback.

2. Ask the sales person to call from the customer’s landline number.

3. Ask the sales person to send his location via WhatsApp or other similar apps.

4. Use a Mobile SFA software to track his location implicitly as well as gather visit details on the move.

Mobile SFA apps can help sales person to report immediately without any inconvenience.  Further, a location tracking Mobile SFA can also help a sales manger ascertain that a new recruit had been actually visiting customer. Sales Manager can also visualise and guide their sales team to other opportunities in that particular area.

Any decent mobile SFA will give a visual feedback of the route or customer visits that the sales person has made. This can be used to plan customer visits nearby and boost productivity. Companies have reported upto 60% performance improvements after using mobile SFA software.

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