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Mobile Sales Force Automation Software – Choosing Android Phones

Mobile Sales Force Automation Software – Choosing Android Phones

There are few points that need to be considered while choosing an Android device for your Mobile Sales Force Automation Software or Mobile CRM.

1. Android version

Please make sure that the mobile / tablet has Android 4.0 or above. Most of the Android OEMs do not provide upgrades. So, it’s best to pick a mobile/tablet which has at least Android 4.0 for the purpose. Make sure that the Mobile Sales Force Automation Software supports the Android version.

2. Serviceability and support

Does the Android manufacturer provide support for the devices in places where the team would be using them? If the device manufacturer does not have service centers in places where problems could occur, then the sales team will have to send the device to Head Office and then request for a new device in the meantime. If they have a local service centre, then they can easily get the device checked themselves. For companies with nation wide presence, a wide support and service network becomes very important.

3. Battery

Does the Android phone/tablet provides sufficient battery backup for a single working day? Battery usage depends on a lot of factors. If in case you are using a real-time location tracking system where up to the minute location information is provided, then the phone would use significant battery resources. Choose a phone with at least 1400 mAh battery.

4. Camera

The quality of the camera depends on the purpose for which it will be used. In case the sales team needs to take photos of documents, then an Auto Focus camera with at least 5 MP would be required.  Otherwise, a camera with 2MP will be sufficient.

5. A-GPS

Mobile Sales force Automation software also provides location tracking features. For most accurate locations the Android phone should have GPS chip. GPS works even without internet. Whereas, A-GPS requires internet and is less accurate than GPS. It’s fine if an Android phone/tablet has both GPS and A – GPS.

6. Speed

There are slow Android phones and there are phones which have a very slick and fast interface. A lot depends on the operations that need to be performed and the user experience on an actual device.

Based on our experience at PepUpSales, we suggest taking these points into consideration while finalising the Android phone / tablet-based on your budget. But always get a couple of devices first before ordering the whole bunch!!

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