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A Sales person while on the field can take the orders directly on the mobile or tablet device while at the retailer or customer location

The order can even be taken on the basis of product category.

While taking the order the salesman just need to capture the quantity on the basis of product code or product name and the ordered data is immediately sent to the company system on a real time basis

Schemes and Discounts are automatically applied to the items or invoice as applicable while taking the order. In case of multiple schemes customer has an option to choose the scheme as per his business.

In case the customer does not give any order, the salesman can take no order by giving the reason. This helps the company and salesman to gather data even if the shop is closed. The Salesman can take the photograph while taking the order which helps in further analysis.

Location of the sales person at the time of Order or No Order is captured. This helps companies to verify the visit of the sales person at the customer shop.

Order Management Software

Every entrepreneur must have heard by now that managing orders should be their top priority as a business owner. If you run a business that connects to several clients and you, these clients will be ordering products and services from you. This is how you make the income that keeps your business running. The order management software from PepUpSales helps keep the business running smoothly by resolving issues like duplicate orders or missing orders by taking orders over the phone or by text or by email.

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What Is Order Management Software?

An order management software should help you manage the entire supply chain, from the moment a customer places an order and it is accepted, all the way until it is delivered to the end-user.

It should help you create a single inventory from all the different suppliers or suppliers that you have and keep it up to date. It should help you find the product that you need to fulfill an order and then send it to whoever needs to pack it.

It should handle all the different shipping carriers you have and all the different shipping methods available to you.

Benefits of Order Management Software

The order management system is pretty much an all-in-one solution that helps you manage your business. However, order management software does more than just manage the chain; companies can expect a few other advantages.

Why Choose PepUpSales?

An order management software, such as PepUpSales, makes it easier to streamline the orders. However, you can do the following and much more with PepUpSales.

Removes Manual Inefficiency

PepUpSales order management solutions app concentrates all order tracking in one place, so you can manage it from start to finish and reduce manual and time-consuming errors. And, the process automation eliminates all possibilities of manual inefficiency.

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Reduce Execution Costs

Our order management system reduces the time and cost of executing and reordering processes. So, having all the orders in one place allows you to take bulk actions and avoid duplication of tasks.

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Keeps Order & Shipment Updated

With the integrated synchronization with sales channels and shipping partners, orders can be processed immediately upon receipt. Typically, you get real-time ordering and shipping information for you and your buyers.

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Improve Team Performance

With PepUpSales order management solutions, you can improve teamwork, leading to better performance, and you no longer have to log in to many systems to track and process orders.

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