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Sales Force Automation Software For Retail and FMCG

Are you looking to help your on-field sales team with time-consuming affairs? PepUpSales, the SFA App, is a Saas based mobility solution that helps you to manage your primary and secondary sales activities.

Features of Sales Force Workflow Automation Software

Sales Management

Grasp the ins and outs of your company’s sales process and gauge upcoming opportunities.

Order Management

Keep a close tab on the current inventory, ensuring order fulfillment with respect to their demand.

Location Tracking

Track the location of your on-field salesmen and determine their plans and execution.

Salesman Attendance

Enable the salesman to clock in his attendance along with additional information right from his current location.

Sales/Damage Returns

Feed and track expiry or damage returns sent to your suppliers at ease with the SFA software.

Beat/Route Plan

Plot your destinations on Google Map easily and create a beat plan to meet your business goals effectively.

Discount & Schemes

Put a cap on the order value or volume with an advanced module that helps you manage discounts and promotions in real-time.

Sales Productivity

Maximize your sales productivity by automating and streamlining your business sales processes in an instant.


Increase Revenue

With sales management system software in place, your sales team will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time in selling. Thus, it will bring a larger revenue to your business. Besides, sales force automation tools account for a company’s 47% sales win rate.

Introduce New Opportunities

Sales force workflow automation provides you with myriad ways to make money than just making sales. That is, it gives you the opportunity to determine what your customer just bought and which other product you may recommend to likely make more sales. Some popular sales techniques that this tool helps you with are upselling and cross-selling.

Manage Leads Better

As a lead moves through different stages of the sales pipeline, sales force automation systems empower your sales team to nurture and engage with them more efficiently and effectively. It helps salespeople find out the right time to connect and develop better customer relationships.

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