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attendance management

Mostly the sales persons are on the field and need not to come to the office daily or during the morning hours. Company at times do not know the sales person working start time and end time.

Sales person has an option to mark its morning and evening attendance using the mobile application. The Company can track the location from where the sales person marks its attendance once he is in the market.

The attendance data gives the visibility to company for the salesman total working hours and its productivity.

Attendance Management Software

Managing your team's attendance is an essential part of running your business. If you are in a business with a team scattered across different locations and time zones, you know how important it is to ensure they are present in meetings. Having the right system in place helps you track who is coming in and who is missing. It can also help you identify areas where you can make improvements. As a result, the PepUpSales attendance management app will help you create more apparent reports, organize attendance, and empower your staff on-site and remotely.

attendance management software

What Is Attendance Management Software?

Attendance management software is used by businesses to keep track of employee attendance. It is a web-based or cloud-based solution that organizations use to manage their daily operations.

This software solution ensures that all staff members are present and accounted for when they are at work. It also helps employers save time and money by identifying patterns in employee behavior.

Furthermore, the attendance management app can record all your employees' attendance and store it, so you can retrieve this data when you need it.

Benefits of Attendance Management Software

The attendance management software does the most challenging calculations for you, so you don't have to. Let's look at some of the other benefits:

Why Choose PepUpSales?

Attendance management software such as PepUpSales makes it easier to manage employee attendance efficiently. However, you can do the following and much more with PepUpSales.

Easy Time Tracking

Our attendance management app allows you to keep track of the time using IoT devices such as biometric scanners, facial recognition software, etc. As a result, you have hassle-free time tracking.

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Custom workflow Approval

Define, schedule, and configure notifications, so you don't miss a thing and manage your workflow quickly.

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Shift Management

Comprehensively manages shift panels and automatically changing cycles. Our attendance management software makes it easy to plan shifts and be covered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

real time reporting

Simple Workflow Management

Our automated attendance management app can help you manage schedules, assign tasks, and track shifts with just a few clicks. It can also help predict workload and resources.

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