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location tracking

Real-time visibility into the field with the best GPRS tracking software in the industry.

With the technology available today, you can track just about anything, anywhere. With GPS location sharing and tracking, you can quickly track your team's whereabouts. Besides, it is a seamless experience.

This technology keeps tabs on how far away their reps are from prospective customers and whether or not the sales reps are visiting those prospects.

location tracking

What is Salesperson Location Tracking?

Salesperson location tracking software allows businesses to monitor the daily activities of their employees. It lets them see what territories have been covered, what leads have been generated, and how many calls have been made.

Location tracking software is an excellent tool for businesses that want to analyze their sales team productivity in territory management, lead generation, and lead conversion. Data from the location tracking app makes it easier to assess where problems occur and what needs to change.

Benefits of Salesperson Location Tracking

Location tracking solution is a proven technology that helps the salesperson quickly remember which customer they were serving and how many customers have been served since that time.

To get the most out of GPRS tracking software, you must first understand its benefits and how it can help you achieve your business goals.

Why Choose PepUpSales?

Activity Tracking

PepUpSales location tracking app can ensure providers perform the required activities on each channel to keep the pipeline full. Then automatically syncs tracking and activity data from your mobile app to your CRM.

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Instant Alerts & Notification

The location tracking app allows you to create automatic notifications/reminders for sales reps based on their tasks and assignments. It also sends instant alerts and notifications for missed visits and sets automatic reminders based on work schedule.

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Powerful Scheduling and Dispatch

Our GPRS tracking software includes a calendar-based scheduling system that allows vendor applications to be viewed in a single composite view and new scheduling tasks to be performed. It also allows sales reps receive real-time schedules based on their location and workload.

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Automate Sales Operation

Automate sales and field tracking processes with PepUpsales location tracking software using a customizable IFTTT (if-this-then-that) rules engine. You can simultaneously generate alerts, announcements, and reports in response to events/exceptions related to people, place, and time.

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