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Transforming Retail Industry with Integrated Technology Platform

Sales Force Automation

  • Secondary Sales
  • Order Management
  • Sales Management
  • Salesman Attendance
  • Sales Productivity
  • Location Tracking
  • Sales/Damage Returns
  • Beat/Route Plan
  • Discount & Schemes
  • Salesman Attendance

Distributor Management System

  • Stock Inventory
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Credit/Debit Note
  • Primary & Secondary Sales
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Payments and Accounting
  • Distributor Targets
  • GST Compliance
  • Master Dashboard

Visual Merchandising Solution

  • Real-Time Tracking of Agents
  • PJP and Route/Beat Planning
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Campaigns and Activations
  • Glow Sign Board Tracking
  • Brand/Product Stock Availability
  • Competitors Info
  • Merchandising Scoring
  • Asset Management
  • Notification and Alerts

Van Sales

  • Stock Inventory
  • Van Stock
  • Load IN Load Out
  • PJP and Route/Beat Planning
  • Stock-Based Delivery
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Location Tracking
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Master Dashboard



Company Admin can create or upload details of Distributors/Dealers, Retailers and Salesman along with contact and location details of Distributors and Retailers.

Distributors can be categorized for the distribution of a single or multiple or all category of SKU or Products.

Distributor and Retailers can be configured at a market level within a State and City.

Distributor and Retailers can also be given access to the web panel if required. Distributors can access the web panel or mobile app to process, accept or reject the orders made by the salesperson.

Opening Stock/Dispatches

Company Admin can create or upload list of SKU/Products and can categorized them in a group.

Pricing of each SKU or product can be managed at MRP (Maximum Retail Price) or DP (Distributor Price) level or even at a city or state level. The same SKU or the product can have multiple pricing based on the area or market where it needs to be sold.

SKU/Product or item can further be defined with sizes and colors along with units.

Reports and Analytic available for each product performance at a micro-market level.

Location Tracking

A Sales person while on the field can take the orders directly on the mobile or tablet device while at the retailer or customer location

The order can even be taken on the basis of product category.

While taking the order the salesman just need to capture the quantity on the basis of product code or product name and the ordered data is immediately sent to the company system on a real time basis

Schemes and Discounts are automatically applied to the items or invoice as applicable while taking the order. In case of multiple schemes customer has an option to choose the scheme as per his business.

In case the customer does not give any order, the salesman can take no order by giving the reason. This helps the company and salesman to gather data even if the shop is closed. The Salesman can take the photograph while taking the order which helps in further analysis.

Location of the sales person at the time of Order or No Order is captured. This helps companies to verify the visit of the sales person at the customer shop.

Sales/Damage Returns

The Salesman has the option to capture the Opening Stock of the products. This helps the company to plan for further visits and also to track the sales of the particular customer or retail shop. Once the company has the stock of the particular retailer, it can track the treasury sales.

The Company also gets the details of the products being dispatched to or delivered to retailer by the distributor. This allows the company to have the complete visibility of the stock movement between the distributor and the retailer.

Beat/Route Plan

Once the Sales person takes order from the retailer or customer in a market, the order is being approved by the distributor and is being processed by the company. The order data is with the company on a real time basis. The company already has the data of the stock being dispatched to the distributor or primary order which the distributor makes. Using the application, the company gets the secondary sales data i.e. the orders made by the retailer and the stock being delivered to the retailer.

The primary and secondary data capturing helps the company to forecast its production and launch of new products in a market. The Company can now target the sales at a micro market level as the visibility of secondary sales at a retailer level is available to the company. Usually distributor does not give the secondary sales visibility to the company.

Salesman Targets & Incentives

Real Time Location of the sales person is being captured for each and every operation or transaction made by the sales person.

The Company invest a huge amount in salesman visits and travelling. Usually the salesman does not visit the retailers and customers and takes the orders on phone calls. Due to the gap in salesman visit to the retailer, company incurs a huge loss as the timely information is not being passed between the company and end customers.

The Company can track the sales or field persons location at the time of order taking. The Company gets to know if the order is actually taken from the retailer or the customer location or from some other location.

This helps the company to manage the operational cost of the salesman visits in the market. The Company can track and verify the travelling allowances and other such claims made by the sales person.

Work Offline

Mostly the sales persons are on the field and need not to come to the office daily or during the morning hours. Company at times do not know the sales person working start time and end time.

Sales person has an option to mark his/her morning and evening attendance using the mobile application. The Company can track the location from where the sales person marks its attendance once he is in the market.

The attendance data gives the visibility to company for the salesman total working hours and its productivity.

Reports & Analytics

The Company incurs a huge cost for stocks which are returned by the retailer or customers due to damages or for any other reasons. Companies do not have the data for the sales or damage returns on a timely basis.

Using the solution, sales person can capture the details for sales return or damage return for each stock product along with reason and a photograph.

The Company gets the details for each stock return with location, photograph, date and time of return. This gives the visibility to the company of the actual returns within a market at retailer's location with the reason and within defined timelines


The Salesman can capture the photo while taking the Order, No Order, Sales Returns, Attendance or during performing the Survey.

The photos captured are being sent to the company system on a real time basis with location and date time

The captured photographs help companies to plan for merchandising and showcasing its products at the retailer location.

The Salesman can also be asked to take a photograph while taking the order to verify its visit at the retailer location.

A Survey can be performed in which the salesperson can take photographs of the shops along with visiting card of the new or existing retailers for future plans.

Order Management

The Company admin can create and plan salesman a Beat Route Plan. Beat route can be planned on a monthly, weekly or daily basis even for the entire year.

Route plan for salesman can be created on a State, City, Market and Retailer level.

A Salesman once logged in to the app will get its route plan for the day with the list of retailers where he needs to visit and performs the field operations.

A Salesman will be able to view only his route plan for that day.

Primary/Secondary Sales Tracking

The Company can create Discounts and Schemes for a category of products, each product or total invoice.

Schemes can be made on the basis of Amount or Quantity of the product

Schemes can be applied to all the retailers or on a set of state, set cities or set of the retailers

Schemes can be passed on a percentage basis, amount basis or even Free of Cost (FOC) e.g Buy 1 and Get 1

Schemes can be applied for a particular time period

Multiple schemes can also be applied at the same time

Scheme at the total invoice amount can also be created apart from item based scheme

Schemes are automatically applied while taking the order

The Retailer has the visibility of the schemes provided by the company and can choose the scheme which needs to be applied on his order in case of multiple schemes

Reports and analytics are available to analyse the scheme performance


The Company can assign targets and incentives for the salesman's performance

Targets and Incentives can be applied in different parameters such as the number of orders, amount of orders, orders from different retailers, schemes pushed within the market, number of products sold, number of new retailers or customers brought to the company and many other such criteria

Targets and Incentives can be based on Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly or Daily Basis

The Salesman has the visibility to view its targets, incentives and achievements based on his performance

Reports and Analytic are available to the company management for each salesperson

Photo Upload

Communication needs to be maintained between the Sales person and Company Management.

Company can send messages and alerts to the salesman within the application.

Salesman can reply to the messages and all the communication is recorded in company system for future analysis

The alert and messages are sent as a push notification rather than SMS so that the company information and communication remains within the application which is secured.

Company can set and define rules for salesman working and the alerts will be sent automatically in case of failure in salesman working as per the defined rules

Discount & Schemes

Salesman is normally on field and there might be network connectivity issue with the system. Mobile network or Internet is not available all the time

The Salesman just needs to log in once a day in the morning to synchronize its beat route for the day.

Once logged in or sync, if there is no network or internet on the salesman mobile device, he can perform his operation such as order taking and other activities and all the data will be transferred automatically to the company system once the network or internet is available.

The actual location and actual time of the operation will be captured even the data is sent to the company system later

The application is designed in such a way that the application even works in 2G Network and data transfer is smooth even with photographs

Alerts & Broadcast

Sales person collects payment in cheque and cash from different customers.

The application allows instant information on the payment collection as soon as the payment is collected from the customer by the salesman. The real time information is sent to the company system at the time of collection.

Company can keep the tracks of all previous and current payments collected by the salesman from the customer

Payment Collections
  • Real Time Order Management
  • Real Time Location Tracking
  • SKU/Product wise performance based on State/City/Market
  • Primary Sales
  • Secondary Sales
  • Daily Weekly Monthly Sales Report
  • Salesman Activity Report
  • Distributor/Retailer/Salesman wise Sales Return
  • Salesman Productivity Report
  • Distributor/Retailer/Salesman wise Sales
  • Opening Stock
  • Dispatches
  • Scheme Performance
  • Payment Collection
  • Target vs Achievement
  • New Retailer Addition

PepUpSales Allows You To Integrate Your Favourite Tools

Integration with advance feature of field force automation software with third party applications or enterprise solutions.

  • tally
  • mircosoft
  • oracle
  • sage
  • sap

Reasons Why Customers Prefer PepUpSales Over Other Solutions

Customizable and Integrable solution as per business needs
Expertise with multi industry implementations and workflows
Ongoing implementation and updates with latest Technologies
Quick Turnaround Time & Remote Device Support to Field Users
Be Productive With PepUpSales

Drive Sales & Grow Your Business

PepUpSales is a SaaS based technology platform transforming retail business with BI enabled intelligence across the value-chain. PepUpSales helps your retail business track sales and field operations on real-time basis thereby providing the Sales team visibility of its productivity and performance.

Easy to Work

PepUpSales is an Enterprise Mobility Solution work on both online and offline mode for the field force to manage and track Primary and Secondary Sales.

Save Time Money

With powerful tools PepUpSales helps to enter all the details of employees, their tasks, schedules, location while on the move which saves time and money.

Live Location Tracking

We allow smart scheduling that offers a real-time update about the field sales force. Live delivery and Stock orders can be tracked On the basis of instance saved location of the client.

Business Booster

We offer endless opportunities to give your business an advantage to stay on top. It helps the sales team to maximize benefits with advance predictability in sales.

Delivering Profitable Growth In Your Industry

Established Retail & FMCG Brands to Young Startups Believe in us.

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