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Asset tracking allows businesses to keep track of their physical assets to ensure they are not only where they are meant to be but are also doing the intended jobs. One of the most effective ways of keeping track of business assets is using the best asset management software.

With asset management software, the business can accurately track assets without regular physical inspections, saving a lot of time and resources. However, it is important to understand what it is all about and the right tools for successful asset tracking.

what is asset tracking

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking entails maintaining complete visibility of a business’s retail assets by knowing where they are at all times and their usage in or outside the business premises. Additionally, asset tracking helps businesses keep an accurate inventory of their assets.

An excellent example of this is a company that provides assets like display boxes, refrigerators, or shelves to retailers for promotions or marketing. Such a company needs to keep track of the assets to ensure the retailer uses them for the intended purpose and prevent loss.

how does asset tracking work

How Does Asset Tracking Work?

Asset tracking relies on asset tracking systems that include both software and tagging tools. The assets are tagged using QR codes, barcodes, RFID tags, and some even use Bluetooth.

Although these tags work in different ways, they all assign unique identification numbers that make it easier for the asset management system to track the particular asset.

With a sound tracking system like PepUpSales, you get every minute detail of the assets regardless of where they are placed as the software gathers information from the tagging tool in real-time.

What are the Benefits of Asset Tracking?

Improved Inventory Management

Even if you are not using the asset in your store, it is still part of your inventory. With the best asset management software, you can keep a more accurate list of all your assets, which gives you a more precise business position.

improved inventory management

Eliminates Material Asset Wastage

By tracking your assets, you can quickly know whether they serve the intended purpose or not to prevent wastage. For example, if you have a refrigerator in a retail shop but the owner uses it for other things non-related to your business, this does not give you any value and is hence a waste of resources.

eliminates material asset wastage

Reduced Theft and Loss Costs

Asset tracking can help reduce the costs associate with the replacement of stolen or lost assets. Effective asset monitoring helps eliminate or at least reduce these costs to ensure they do not impact your business negatively.

reduced theft and loss costs

How Can PepUpSales Help with Asset Tracking?

PepUpSales is a highly dependable asset tracking system that you can be sure will change how you keep track of your assets. With the easy-to-use system, you can expect the following and much more.

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