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How Does Sales Force Automation Help To Improve Salesperson Productivity And Marketing Efforts?

Sales Force Automation

How Does Sales Force Automation Help To Improve Salesperson Productivity And Marketing Efforts?

The State of Marketing Automation Survey Report suggests, 75% of marketers currently use at least one automation tool, i.e., sales force automation software. SFA tools focus on automating repetitive and administrative tasks of sales teams to increase productivity. The lead management system software completes non-revenue generating tasks regularly, while the sales team works on an important task: selling.

As per Salesforce, 67% of global marketing leaders use sales and marketing automation software. Are you wondering how this modern method can improve your sales productivity and marketing efforts? Let’s find out!

1. Automate The Sales Process

SFA software can do a task better than humans with zero errors. Not just does it save manual labor, but it allows the sales teams to improve their productivity.

Salesman tracking software automates various important parts of the sales process, including:

  • Lead generation
  • Automated workflows
  • Autofill data entry
  • Reports generation
  • Research on new leads
  • Auto-population of directories
  • Voicemails
  • Call logging
  • Call routing
  • Lead prioritization
  • Appointment scheduling

 Businesses can focus on revenue-generating tasks and boost productivity with an automated sales process. 

2. Up-selling and Cross-Selling

Businesses are more likely to lose their loyal customers due to the high competition. That is why companies need sales force automation software to boost their sales.

Up-selling encourages customers to purchase a higher-end product, while cross-selling encourages customers to buy complementary items. Both are important for any business. When done properly, they provide maximum value to customers. Thus, it leads to an increase in revenue without the expenses of multiple marketing channels.

3. Salesperson Activity Tracking to Boost Productivity

The field sales tracking app can track the sales-related activities of field employees. No matter where they are, the app tracks their activities remotely. It also helps the sales managers in the following ways:

  • Track call logs: Check all call and message logs of the salespeople and analyze their overall productivity.
  • Record meeting history: Check regular meeting recordings to keep track of the work progress.
  • Geo-reporting: Find out the salespeople’s current location anytime. Based on that, check the status of the tasks that were assigned to them.
  • Automated work plans: Assign the salesperson different activities to boost productivity.

According to Leadsquared, salespeople spend only 35% of their time on direct sales activities. So, to aid them, sales force automation software features GPS tracking, sales dashboard, automated day planning, real-time alerts, report generation, and several other collaboration tools. Utilize these features to make the salespeople focus more on sales activities.

How To Drive More Sales with SFA?

You must take advantage of every sales opportunity you get in the way. Utilize secondary sales tracking to find better insights about what to improve in your marketing strategies. Further, you can focus on the following to enhance marketing efforts: 

  • Maximize sales opportunities: You can utilize sales force automation software to generate more leads. You no longer need to rely on aggregate lists of consumers. Instead, you can provide more information to the sales team. This reduces the workload of the salesperson while improving productivity.
  • Find the best deals: Consumer requirements change every day. Hence, you can use a salesperson tracking app to monitor the best deals and generate more profits. It enables you to find out the not-so-profitable deals and ignore them. Also, it educates your sales team about identifying the best deals for your business.
  • Quick response to inquiries: You should track all customer transactions to analyze customer demand. The SFA tool enables you to respond to your consumer queries on time. This offers you better chances of driving more return sales.

The main advantage of automating the sales process is: Businesses can create an ultimate marketing plan. But, how can you create the perfect digital marketing plan? Let’s find out!

1. Tracking Competitors to Develop Strong Marketing Strategies

For any company, growth and success have no limits. It is necessary to stay focused on the end goals in today’s competitive era. It’s also essential to monitor and track the activities of your competitors. According to HubSpot, 75% of marketers have confirmed how digital marketing campaigns have directly impacted business revenue.

Do you aim to cater to a strong digital customer base? You should prioritize the marketing challenges with prominent strategies, tactics, and methods. Use SFA secondary sales tracking features to track your competitors in the following ways:

  • Following latest trends: Digital marketing trends keep on changing with time. It’s important to track your competitors’ digital marketing strategies and success rates. Based on that, you can custom-plan your digital marketing strategies.
  • Identify, plan, & implement: According to Salesforce, 78% of marketers have changed marketing metrics due to the changing digital marketing dynamics. While tracking competitor activities, the SFA suggests customer referral rates and customer acquisition costs to the salespeople. This helps identify profitable strategies and plan the activities accordingly to boost business profitability

2. Manage the Sales Pipeline: Reduce Manual Efforts

Businesses can utilize salesman tracking software to track and monitor the regular activities of salespeople. 

Moreover, it sends alerts to salespeople when a prospect moves to the next level in the sales pipeline. This simplifies the complex process of monitoring team members’ regular activities. Thus, the team works together for the same goal with a clear vision. Besides, as the sales managers don’t have to monitor the team, they can focus on other essential activities. 

Summing Up 

The sales force automation software is designed to provide businesses with every tool to improve sales and productivity. It includes tools for activity tracking, alerts monitoring, sales process automation, sales opportunity tracking, marketing strategy analysis, and dynamic sales pipeline management.

Sales teams can use SFA tools to get the repetitive tasks done on time, making them more productive. Moreover, it comes with more insights available to the sales team and managers. Thus, it can help improve performance and boost productivity.

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