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Rayyan – The only Natural Water in Qatar

In an unspoiled stretch of desert 60km north of Doha lies a reservoir of natural groundwater – which is the organic source and bottling centre of Rayyan. Rayyan Pure Natural Mineral Water was launched in 1984 by Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Rabban. From the very start quality was at Rayyan’s core and the world-class production process was set up with the technical assistance of Evian from France. Part of Rabban Holdings, Rayyan is now an award-winning brand in its own right with high standards, a modern facility complete with advanced labs and a hygienic fully automated production line, international quality certifications, real commitment to the environment, events and initiatives that engage the community, and a unique edge.

Challenges to Rayyan Growth
  • Rayyan wanted a solution where it can manage the Sales team, distribution of water bottles to consumers through its Van Sales as well as streamline the Warehouse dispatch process.
  • Rayyan had problems with pilferage in it’s distribution team due to lack of communication.
  • They had a particular process where the coupons (in booklet form) were being distributed to consumers to purchase water bottles every day. A single coupon booklet was being used by multiple consumers to avail of the discounts, causing losses to the company.
  • At the same time, the company couldn’t track the inventory taken out from the warehouse and sold, causing pilferage in the process.
  • The payments made by a customer couldn’t be related to the purchases made by them; causing a serious mismatch of sales and revenue.
  • Credits due to a customer were not checked before making sales.
How Did PepUpSales Resolve Rayyan Challenges?
  • The solution involved providing mobile apps to all the Van delivery persons with the integrated Bluetooth handheld printer.
  • The delivery person will punch in the details of all the transactions (i.e sales, payments, returns) made at a particular customer location.
  • The location and real time data will be available to the company for the sales and distribution.
  • Coupon booklets were barcoded and their numbers uploaded into the system. The system could now track the coupons given to a particular customer.
  • The system could track the batch/lot numbers of the water bottles loaded at the warehouse. This would streamline the sales returns.
  • The data captured will be integrated with the company’s production ERP so that production and deliveries can be planned for the next visits.
  • Per visit productivity increased by 60%
Outcome Benefits
360° of all Transactions for a Customer

Now the company visibility to the credit dues or discounts given to a customer. The sales and payment collection were done in a single transaction, thus eliminating loopholes.

Reduced Pilferage

The company now knows what goes out in a van and what comes back; including the products sold to each customer and the payments received. Significantly reduces areas of revenue pilferage by the delivery person.

Reduced Returns

The batch/lot numbers of the products are being tracked. This allows a delivery person to determine the genuineness of the sales return.

Real Time Data

Company was able to track the real time sales and distribution along with the new orders. The date time and location of each delivery was captured giving the clear visibility to the management


The data captured for Orders, Sales and Distribution gets integrated with the Production ERP using which the accounting and customer credit was maintained. This also helps in planning for production and sales for the next delivery.

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