Sales Force Automation: Offering Mobility to Food and Beverage Companies

We can see the rising trend of purchasing food and beverage by the people due to increasing disposable income. It can be found due to increased profitability of food and beverage companies many new players have come into the market with the best sales and marketing strategies.[...]

Scope & Challenges before Food & Beverage Industry

It can be found these days food and beverage industry is the fastest-growing sector generating exceptionally high revenue. The main reason behind this fact is the busy life and cosmopolitan lifestyle of people around the world. We can see most of the families are now depending on proc[...]

Scope & Challenges Before Textile & Apparel Industry

In the present era, the textile and apparel industry is one of the most flourishing industries. We can people are very conscious about their dressing sense and it can be found there is always a crowd in front of garments shop. Whether it is formal or casual apparel the demand for eac[...]

What is Sales Force Automation & What Are Its Benefits?

According to a Forbes publication, at least 64.8% of a sales rep’s time is spent doing non-sales-related activities. Hence, only 35.2% of their time is spent on sales-related functions. All this translates to fewer conversions and less value for the money spent on sales.[...]