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Visual Merchandising Techniques: 9 Ways To Boost Sales In Retail Store

Visual Merchandising Techniques

Visual Merchandising Techniques: 9 Ways To Boost Sales In Retail Store

Customers are also referred to as the driving force of a business. Customers have the power to make or break a brand. So to attract/retain customers, a business must engage effectively with them.

Visual merchandising is one of the several techniques used to attract and retain customers. In simple terms, it’s an aesthetic display of products to attract people. The main goal of visual merchandising is to make their products desirable and convert visitors into customers in the process.

From using display lights to arranging products in an organized manner, businesses use several visual merchandising techniques. Extravagant visual merchandising techniques include having a themed store or using aesthetic glass display panels to display products. 

But why is visual merchandising so important? The main reason is that it is an effective way of grabbing the attention of people. It helps businesses engage with their customers effectively. Humans, in general, love things that are appealing to the eye. This is why visual merchandising is used. Furthermore, it helps in creating a good first impression on people. As per crowdriff, 65% of people prefer good pictures rather than descriptions of products. 

Visual merchandising can also be used to increase the value of a product. Some businesses/stores position their least selling appealingly. This is because it helps in selling the products relatively easily. 

Now let’s take a look at the 9 of the best visual merchandising techniques

9 Visual Merchandising Techniques To Help You Boost Sales

Here are some of the most influential visual merchandising techniques:

1. Product Placement is Key

When a customer walks into a store, they expect to see the visually appealing placement of products. You can place your products vertically or horizontally; that doesn’t matter. But, making it look good does. It helps in highlighting certain products as well. If done well, it can be a game-changer. 

2. Themed Displays is the New Trend

Having themed displays can really help in making a business stand out. It helps in attracting and retaining customers. If enough emphasis is laid on understanding the customers, then making changes accordingly with the theme in mind can help boost a business. It can also help customers understand and connect with your brand.  

3. Window Displays 

One of the most employed visual merchandising products is displaying the best/newest products near windows or entrances. If done well, customers will have an incredible first impression of the brand. 

To effectively display your products, keep your windows clean and well-lit. These small variables make all the difference in the world, so pay attention to them. 

4. Signages Should Be Easy To Read

This is among the most important visual merchandising techniques. Even if a display is beautiful, but the signage doesn’t convey the message, it’s no use. 

Make sure your sentences are not long and don’t use complicated words. The best way to make attractive signages is to follow the 5-second rule. This means your customers should be able to read the sign within 5 seconds. 

5. Sometimes, The Fewer The Better

You don’t always have to place all your products together in a visually appealing manner. It could be overkill, which is why sometimes, only a few well-chosen products can do the trick. Too many products can lead to colors clashing, which could defeat the purpose. Make sure you place your best products rather than all. 

6. Customized Interiors

Things done differently are always an attention-grabber. It can even apply to the way the interiors are done. By bringing a different element into the store will grab the attention of a lot of people. For example, using customized shelves can help in making the store look different from the rest. This positively affects retention rates. 

7. Using Brand-Themed Props

Using props has always been a great way to grab people’s attention and is used by many theatre artists. But there is no reason as to why brands can’t do that. In fact, using brand-themed props can help in making your store stand out. For example, a toy store with inflatable cartoon characters will attract more customers than a toy store without one. 

8. Sales Team

As per Iqmetrix, 73% of the customers expect the sales team to know the products displayed.

Every sales team representative must be well-versed in the products on display. This way, they can help customers know more about the products. This increases the chances of turning visitors into customers. Without adequate knowledge, even the most elegant display cannot turn most visitors into customers. 

9. Music Helps

Playing music that goes with the theme of the brand/store helps in setting a tone/mood for customers. It’s a simple way of keeping the customer engaged and interested, similar to good lighting. But make sure you play music following the theme of your store. If it doesn’t match the theme, it can be overwhelming. Also, ensure the music isn’t too loud; this can annoy customers. 

Final Word

It is quite evident that visual merchandising is an important variable if you want to attract more customers. Without effective visual merchandising techniques, your store may not get the recognition it deserves. 

The main thing you should keep in mind is never to overdo it. That can defeat the purpose, so make sure you follow all the tips mentioned appropriately to get the outcomes. 

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