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What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Field Sales Application For FMCG Companies?

Mobile Field Sales Application For FMCG Companies

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Field Sales Application For FMCG Companies?

The FMCG sector in India is significantly growing. It is expected that by 2026, the market capital of FMCG will be around $220 million. Furthermore, reports by Nielsen show that the Indian FMCG sector has grown significantly from the first quarter of January to March.

Over the years, the face of sales has changed significantly. Companies send their field sales agents to connect with their clients, but they have to keep a manual record of everything. With the coming in of mobile field sales apps, things have changed.

How Is The Mobile Field Sales App Helping?

The evolution in SFA technology has brought about significant improvements in the mobile field sales app. Companies are now using these field sales mobile apps to execute all major marketing and on-field operations.

The main purpose of the mobile field sales application is to ensure the organization of all details from the ground level. Today, businesses need real results, and a reliable mobile field sales app offers them.

The field force management software revolutionizes the industry as it digitizes and automates the workflow. Therefore, the sales representative can connect real-time and manage every transaction from their phones during the field visit b

Benefits Of FMCG Field Sales App

Having a field sales app for the FMCG business can be extremely helpful as it helps to streamline the entire business activity. Some of the common benefits of having an FMCG field sales app include the following:

1. Aligned Ground Execution

Failing to align the execution process is one of the main reasons many businesses fail to achieve their goals. Having a mobile field sales app helps monitor and track the company’s sales. Furthermore, it also helps to track the on-field activities.

When companies have real-time data of on-field activity, they can align their strategies better. Having an efficient mobile field sales app for the business is highly beneficial. Nonetheless, it is necessary to determine that the FMCG field sales app aligns with business goals. It helps to increase revenue by completing the small targets.

2. Solves Problems With AI Assistance

Having a field sales order app has become extremely crucial for business. One of the main purposes of the system is to generate numerous charts and reports. While this may seem easy, doing it manually can be time-consuming.

The new-age field sales order app can track all the details, thereby assisting the GTM strategy. With the help of these apps, the companies can be aware of the potential problems or shortcomings they face in field execution. Depending on their reports, the sales manager can act accordingly to solve the problem.

3. Better Customer Relationship Management

Irrespective of the field you’re operating in, customer relationship management is extremely crucial, especially for business growth. The field sales application helps you understand customer behavior.

Times are changing, and people don’t want to buy any product randomly. Before purchasing any product, they want to know how the particular purchase will add value. Apart from the quality of products, the customers also want quality service.

Opting or developing customer relationship management can often turn out to be a gigantic task. However, the field force automation software is helping to overcome it by direct integration with the CRM. You can easily get new customers with proper relationship management via different channels such as B2B, HoReCa, and more.

The mobile field sales app helps streamline the entire business process. It also aids lead management and customer relationship management. When you interact with your customers, you get to know them. Hence, this is one of the best ways to win your customer’s trust.

4. Improvement In Sales Behavior

It is how you approach your customers that decides whether you win over them or not. The field sales mobile app plays a vital role in improving sales behavior. All these new apps follow the latest technologies and ways to improve behavior.

One of the most prominent ways these field sales order apps help to improve behavior is gamification. When the sales representative behaves efficiently, they are awarded points and medals. This practice is extremely crucial as the companies get to analyze the employee’s behavior. It also helps to understand where the employee lacks and what steps can be given to improve it.

5. Digitization Of Sales

One of the significant benefits of the field sales order app is that it helps automate everything. Data entry, physical attendance, and all such things are no longer needed. As long as you have an app, things can work efficiently.

The sales management software has helped automate and digitize the entire sector. Moreover, it reduces the need for manual interference in tasks. The FMCG companies can benefit the most from it to reach a wider target audience. Besides, retailers, sales representatives, and distributors can collaborate in real-time to automate the entire business activity.

6. Better Planning And Execution

Following up is one of the most monotonous and hectic tasks. It is crucial to keep a tab on the clients to ensure reliability. What if they aren’t? It’s a total waste of time. However, with the help of mobile field sales apps, everything can be aligned as per the client’s demands. The sales representative will need to connect with the customer, and the app will manage the other things. This will help in an increase in revenue generation too.

7. Increase In Revenue

The mobile field sales app helps to digitize the entire order management system. This helps increase the order size, which eventually leads to an increase in revenue. Furthermore, it also plays a vital role in cross-selling and upselling which proves to be efficient, especially when you have promotional and trade offers.

Summing Up

It is extremely crucial to have a reliable and efficient mobile field sales application. There are too many of them available in the market, which is why you must research to understand what you need. It will help to promote growth and meet business goals. This will help to overcome any challenges, especially in the FMCG market.

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